Lazy Susan

Working on some painting projects for the Deja Vu Vintage Market.  My trusty old lazy Susan comes in very handy! She has seen a few paint colours in her time.

Lazy Susan


Baby Girl…

Is a fur baby!  She is adorable!

She is a rescue dog from California.

We’ve had over just over a year.

She is a character.

She loves children.

She loves belly rubs and treats.

She is the cutest and her name is CeeCee.

Hugs, Ginna

  May 2013 002

The Blog

A few months back, I decided to consolidate my personal blog and my craft market into one.  I thought this would save me time. Then I decided to start up my online business and I got to thinking that maybe I should have another blog.  Remember, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind!

So here I am.  The Blog will talk about the Shop, Life, Crafts & Everything in Between!

creativity is messy quote_thumb


Hugs, Ginna