Craft Shows, Fairs & Markets…OH MY!!!

No rest for the wicked!  This year I decided to participate in a few (four in total) local craft fairs or market around my neck of the woods and one out in the valley. I wanted to get my name out there and  participating at local markets/shows  gave me the opportunity. I’ve been in a creative mode for the last little while. Creating more items for the shows/market instead of listing items in the Store.  My bad…I will get to it eventually.

The first craft market was Creative Finds Craft Market:

unnamed (6) unnamed (7)

unnamed (5)

The second was Simonds Elementary Annual Christmas Craft Sale:

unnamed (9)

Simonds Collage

The third one was Crafty Affaire Holiday Market:


One more to go on December 13 & 14.  Then I can breathe easy…NOT!  Must get the house ready for Christmas.  So there is really no rest for the wicked!

xo Ginna


3 thoughts on “Craft Shows, Fairs & Markets…OH MY!!!

  1. I love your creations!! We put together a Holiday Expo in our town last year and are excited to showcase talented people again this year! Hope you have a successful year with your New Mercantile business! Stopping by from #SITSBlogging!

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